Some Popular Oil Paintings and Their Current Values

There are many paintings that have stood out over the years because of their demand and value in the international art galleries and auctions. When looking at the value of most paintings, sculptures or carvings, it is not exactly easy to determine the definite value of such pieces. This is because they are basically sold in auctions where the bidders actually determine the going rate out of a competitive bidding process.

There are lots of world famous oil paintings that have attracted huge prices over the years. Most of them are very old and also have some historic,symbolic as well as cultural meanings. It is their historic and symbolic values that often make them so costly. The demands for some pieces are basically high because of the stories of their origin although their artistic values also have a major influence on the cost. A good example is the Mona Lisa painting. Perhaps the name of the painter could also have a major role to play when it comes to deciding on the value of a painting. There are world famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne just to mention a few. These famous artists have mostly been associated with some of the most expensive paintings ever sold in galleries and auctions around the world.

Some of the Highest Valued Paintings of All Times

The moment anyone thinks of some of the highest valued oil paintings, it is difficult to overlook paintings by famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh among others. This is because these artists have produced pieces that have sold at very high prices.

© Vjin Chong
© Vjin Chong

According to records from some of the high profile art gallery sales and private auctions, the highest valued piece so far is a painting of The Card Players. This painting was sold by George Embiricos in April 2011. The piece is said to have been sold to the state of Qatar at a price of USD 269.4 in a private sale. Another piece that currently stands at a very high price is Le Reve by Pablo Picasso. This piece dates back to 1932 but was sold in a private sale by Steve Wynn in March 26 of 2013 at a price of USD 155.9.

What Is The Current Value Of The Mona Lisa?

Considering the history behind this piece, it is not easy to put a value to it. The painting was originally done by Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian artist but was latter moved to France and has stayed in France to date. For many Italians, this piece deserves to have been brought back to Italy, the French also have a royal attachment to the piece because it was in the palace of king Louis XIV who bought it from Salai, Leonardo da Vinci,s assistant who inherited the piece upon his death.

According to historical records on this piece, the King paid 4000 french francs for the piece and this was in the 15th century. This piece could be valued at so much even though the National museum in France that holds it is not willing to sell. If the attraction that this piece brings to the museum is anything to go by, it is easy to notice that it can fetch almost the highest price as compared to many other pieces because more people are interested in it than in any other pieces in the gallery. It has even survived several theft attempts as well as damage by vandals in crimes of passion. It is for this reason that the piece is kept under lock and key in a bullet-poof glass at the gallery.