20 Inspirational Hang Tags Designs

Every business needs its own set of materials for advertising and marketing. One of these programs is the use of hang tags. Basically, a hang tag is a small piece of lightweight material such as paper, cloth or plastic attached to the product being sold. They also advertise sales and promos in addition to store locations and other relevant information.

I have collected some of the creative hanging tags design that act as great representatives for their brand. With such great designs, these works prove that not all clothing tags are bound to be thrown away. Check them out and share with us your thoughts. Enjoy!

1. Notepaper Gift Tags

Notepaper Gift Tags

2. Hang Tag Design – Setino

Hang Tag Design – Setino

3. Livestock Clothing  Boutique

Livestock Clothing Boutique

4. Tag On Jeans

Tag On Jeans

5. Snow Dragons Hang Tag Campaign

Snow Dragons Hang Tag Campaign

6. Ramona Hang Tags

Ramona Hang Tags



8. Applegator Designs – Hang Tags

Applegator Designs – Hang Tags

9. Thorn Hang Tag

Thorn Hang Tag

10. Custom Hang Tags

Custom Hang Tags

11. Anne Mette Fisker Langkjer

Anne Mette Fisker Langkjer

12. Hilary Brooke – Double Sided Hang Tags

Hilary Brooke – Double Sided Hang Tags

13. 11th Moon

11th Moon

14. Rustic Creations – Hang Tags

Rustic Creations – Hang Tags

15. Hang Tag WM

Hang Tag WM

16. Pink Phoenix Knits

Pink Phoenix Knits



18. Photography Hang Tags

Photography Hang Tags

19. Michaelangela


20. Arizona Jean Co

Arizona Jean Co

With these amazing designs for hang tags, you now have an idea on how to plan your own set. If you like this post, share it with your friends through email and social networks.