Tips For Making Your Business Card Stand Out

The world has moved on to the digital scenario and a number of important conversations which earlier used to happen face to face are being carried online now. However, some of the most important ones like business meetings and fixing deals in conferences still happen in person, which is why business cards still stay as important as ever in creating the first impression.

Business cards are an easy way to make sure that your information has successfully been passed on to a client or a potential customer and will now stay with them until they need your service. However, if your business card is a regular rectangle piece of paper with a black print on it then you might be expecting too much out of your card and it might not prove to be great for your business. With so much competition, everything about a business needs to stand out including your business cards and mentioned below are a few techniques you can use to make sure your business cards are different from the rest.

Photography Business Card

Go Visual

This is one of the first things you can do to make sure your card is different in its own unique way and will be able to attract the attention of people who might be interested in your company or service. Use images which are relevant and add to the meaningfulness of the card. A logo is never enough as it doesn’t say much about your company, but a picture is something which speaks for itself and will make your card an expressive piece of work. Make sure the image you choose is of a high resolution and the cards are able to retain it just the way you wanted it to.

Reduce Clutter

Make your cards look less congested and classy at the same time by not giving all the information in the world on your business card. Think about the mode of communication you usually use to interact with clients. If it’s your cell phone then provide your phone number on the card. If you are better equipped with using your Twitter or Facebook page, then a link would do. This way, your card will look cleaner and to-the-point and the image which you have used will be able to create a better statement.

Use Creative Content

Content on the card is important and it can be used in hundred of ways. Use interesting language to arouse curiosity in people about what you do and are willing to do for your customers. Your language doesn’t have to be conventional depending on the business you have and the font size also need not be a very traditional one. Play around with these aspects to come up with something which is completely unique and will help you stay on your customer’s mind.

Customized Cards

Not a lot of people use this concept but this one is definitely something which you would want to give a thought. Print different business cards for different occasions and make them interesting enough for people to actually take interest in them. Having a specific card for a cocktail event which holds the address of a Facebook page which would contain all the pictures from the event is an example of what we are talking about here. There could be cards for a charity event you are about to hold or a trade show which would happen; the options are plenty.

Through these unconventional methods, your cards will not only stand out from the regular boring cards but it will also stay at the back of the mind of a potential customer.